Here's a little about me.

Radically saved at 18, God’s grace and power transformed Mario’s life and in turn, compelled him to use an urgent passion to reach the unsaved through creative methods, which never compromise the gospel. Mario knows that beyond himself no one can experience true change without a demonstration of God’s power. Since 2010, Mario has served as the Next Generation Pastor at Church On The Living Edge in Orlando, Florida, under the leadership of Senior Pastor, Dr. Mark Chironna. Mario completed his degree of Masters of Ministerial Leadership through Portland Seminary in 2018 and is completing his Doctoral work in Global Leadership and Perspectives this fall. Mario has also been certified and licensed as an Emotional Intelligence and Life coach for over 7 years. Mario is married to the love of his life, Misty Hood, and is kept on his toes all day every day, by his son Dalen and daughter Cola Hood

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