Go For it!

This saying exemplifies who Mario Hood is at his core. Your temporary situation doesn't have to become a permanent lifestyle. All it takes is one decision to GO FOR IT! To Mario, this isn't just a cute saying, it's an understanding gain through living a life of an overcomer. Mario's life goal is now to help others do the same! The only question now is, what are you waiting for? it's time to GO FOR IT!

How Can I help?

From personal progress to team development, let me help you, GO FOR IT and achieve every dream!

Your Next step is your best step


"Mario Hood is a passionate and skilled communicator who understands the importance of engaging people in the presence of God.  I'm blessed to call him a friend and to witness the lives being changed through his leadership. "

Dominic Russo Jr / Founder International Ministry Missions.Me

"I had the pleasure to hear Mario Hood give an amazing presentation. He connected with the audience with a captivating delivery. His articulate and personal approach is a joy to behold. Laughter, tears and everything in between. I would highly recommend Mario Hood."

Marc Mero aka Johnny B Badd Champion of Choices

"In a generation that is swayed by every new fad that comes around and at a time where it’s easy to be fake on your social platform, Mario has always been authentic and original. I’ve always define a Misfit as, one who is uncomfortable with his or her surroundings and is seen to be disturbingly different from others, Mario is a Misfit type leader, who stands out, not to be seen but to lead others to become Misfit’s themselves."

Chris Durso / Senior Associate Pastor of Christ Tabernacle.


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